I need an Art Scene Artist for an art scene!

I’m looking for someone to help me create an art scene, I have 0% talent in art haha if you could help or know someone who could please could you comment on this so I can dm, or you could simply dm me if you wanted. I wanted an art scene of a character with a background behind her just one panel. :grin:


I can try. If you want.

Before you ask. Here are some examples:

For the first one, I drew everything but the hair and head.

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Hey there, are you still in need of an art scene? ~

I have been looking everywhere to see if they can do an art scene for me. can someone point me in the right direction

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Hello. I’m super sorry for the late response! But yes I still need an art scene if you could! I will DM you about it with all the information! Thank you sm! :slight_smile:

I need art scenes in my story. Can someone help me on a regular basis?

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Great, we can chat in Instagram :grin: my nickname is actually Paris. And the account I’m going to dm u with is my personal account.

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Thank you, yes I didnt know :sweat_smile:

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are you still doing art scenes or know anyone who is?

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Thank you for getting back to me so fast
Sorry about that I saw your talent and messaged without even reading through the messages lol I did after and realised it was
on hold
Well anyway whenever you are free it doesn’t have to be the 1st no rush
Hope you are enjoying the holidays x

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Hey darl, hope you had a good holiday
Are you taking requests yet? Xx

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Please can someone help me out with art scenes for my STORY
This is my main character Leila

And my other main character DOMINIC

I don’t have a telnet
And I’ll appreciate if someone help me and I’ll give him/her the credit

I can do it! Click on my username and click on the website on my bio and I’ll take you to my art page so you can see my work!

Ik I’m late into the conversation but I want an can help you. For any art scene. Best way to contact me is Instagram. Which is @babygirl_Ny.Ny_18
Go to instagram to see more of my work. I love art.



I think I can. I make differe styles of art. Cartoon or semi cartoon and realistic
such as this 20200424_195102|500x500

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Yes thank you. Do you have Instagram?

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Nahh Lol I was just asking cause I was going to follow you

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But I need a few more details. Cause I’m kinda confused with the towel thing. An put any type of tattoo? And where is the tattoos