I need an Art Scene Artist for an art scene!

Hey, if you still need an art scene like this don’t esitate to contact me and i can draw it for you

Thank you so much<3
But Nyema is doing that for me. I will let you know if I need any help<3!

No problem, if you still need an help don’t esitate to contact me

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I can help you, but i do only commissions… if you are interested here some examples

Are you still looking for someone who could help you with the cover? I can do that if you want. I’m a drawn artist and i do only commissions.
If you are interested here some of my works

We can help you

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Thank you so much<3!
But I already have an artist who is making art scenes for me!

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With pleasure, have a nice day!

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Hey! I just saw your artwork and was wondering if you could do an art scene or two for me. The characters are named Sophia and Killian. Killian walks in on Sophia in her purple underwear. The once confident guy becomes shy and quiet. Sophia becomes self conscious and attempts to hide herself. She has three tattooed, a snake around her arm, a wildflower on her waist and a flower with a snake around it on her upper thigh.

if anyone is still looking for an art scene artist or artist in general, check out the examples below!


these are drawn by my talented friend, pam :))!!

if you’re interested, feel free to message me or check out the shop

store link

Pam's Art Shop / Studio ^-^ (DIGITAL ART--COMMISSIONS) [requests open, june 2020]


You can find here

Sorry for late response. I just logged back on.

That’s ok! You responded faster than I thought you would.

Sorry for late response. But what you really want. Just to draw the character?

yeah. just a sketch.

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Okay. Sorry for late reply. I text back faster on Instagram @babygirl_Ny.Ny_18

I don’t have Instagram. Never have never will.



Its okay