I need an art scene as soon as possible

a needle

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light skin
thin brows
blond boy bun
classic round eyes (blue)
diamond face
classic lips
large stitch jeans (black)
baige indian tank top
dark blue naval jacket open
black wingtips
light skin
purple diva curls
thin soft arch brows
round classic eyes (blue)
diamond face
refined nose
pink blossom lips
black biker jacket
denim shorts
sheer star legging

I want the guy to be shooting the girl (needle shot not gun shot) one hand shooting her in the neck and the other arm around her waist

Ok got it I’ll start it right away and I’ll have it for you (latest) by tomorrow morning

okay thanks a lot. I really appreciate it to pluto and back. thanks

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This is it so far, is it ok?

Hi! Here’s your completed art scene!

I really hope it’s ok because it’s my first time doing something like this! :wink:

hey thanks alot.:heart_eyes:

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No problem

but is it the right size to be used as a background?

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Probably for 1 zone

it’s not the right size

What size is it supposed to be


640 1136

Ok I’ll resize it next time I’m on my phone

Hey weren’t you also supposed to do an art scene for me?

Here you go

thanks alot

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