I need an art scene for my story!

Hello, I really need an art scene for my story Fake Smiles, available now on the app. I need the male character to be bent down holding the female character’s hand proposing to her if possible. Here are the details for the scene.

Background: the new episode background, Dupres Palace Waterside Walkway
Character details:
Male, Skin- Olive, Brow-Thin Arch, Hair-Boy Bun, Black, Face-Defined Triangle, Eyes-Round Gentle, Green, Nose- Roman, Lips-Classic, Terracotta
Female, Skin-Olive, Brow-Mature Round, Hair- Braid Crown, Cayenne, Face-Oval, Eyes-Upturned Bold, Blue, Nose-Upturned, Lips-Classic, Terracotta
Female: Wedding Sleeveless Top (Zinc White), Tribal Print Mini Skirt, Valentine Flats (White), Teal Boho Bracelet, Hipster Glasses (Black)
Male: Suit Shirt And Vest, Ripped Pink Pants, Basic Sneakers (Black)
INK or Lime Light: Ink
Drawn or normal: Drawn

Thank you in advance!!

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I can try, can’t promise success lmao xoxo

If you would like to try that would be great!! I really need this and am taking any help I can get! If you do this and I use it in my story, I’ll definitely give you a shoutout too because you’d be doing me a real favor!

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Okay! I’ll try and get it done by today, this is an example of what my work looks like:

You don’t have to get it done today, take all the time you need!!

Thank you :heart:

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No problem!

I’d love to see what you can do!

Heyy this is my latest art, if you Wallis like me to do it

If you would like to help me with the proposal scene that would be amazing!

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Sure, is the details the same as above?


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Okay cool!

Do you mind what the pose is?

I’d prefer, since it’s a proposal, that the male is bent down and the female is shocked and crying. But if you can do something else that looks good. That would be fine.

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Sure I got chu!

If you want somebody else to do it than that’s okay, I’m not the best at art at all so it’s fine if you prefer somebody more experienced to do this for you. I understand :slightly_smiling_face::revolving_hearts:

I’d like to see all kinds of art. I have other artists but they both have been working on my other projects for forever, and they post their art. So since I haven’t really seen a lot of art on here because I’m like never on this, I’d like to see all kinds of art and see what’s up.

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