I need an art scene pls (INK)


Hi everyone, i need an art scene for my new story " Hotel California ". (needs to be realistic)

about the story- you and your friends go to hotel california for a vacation. what happens when you meet shane, and he happens to be apart of a famous band? will you recognize him? will you fall in?

the art scene needs to be when Shane and Luna see each other for the first time. the background is INT. HOTEL LOBBY MARBLE - NIGHT. Luna is on the left and Shane is on the right.
i will also credit you.

what the characters look like-
eye shape: Upturned Feline
eye colour: purple
nose: Upturned
face: Diamond
brow: Seductive Round
lip shape: Full Round
lip colour: toffee
hair:Fishtail Braid
hair colour: charcoal

skin: light
eye shape: Round Piercing
eye colour: blue
nose: Button
face: Defined Triangle
brow: Medium Sharp
lips shape: Uneven
lip colour: blush
hair: Short Cropped Hair
hair colour: black

luna’s: Moon Necklace,Grey Panel Cropped Hoodie,Lavender Pastel Platform Boots, Bleached Denim Jeans
shane’s:Lady Rose Tattoo (Cade), Ripped Punk Pants,Black Plain Suit Shirt and Tie, Black Hipster High Top Sneakers

thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

Looking for an active art scene artist

Episode harmony can




Your welcome hun :sparkling_heart:


Can it be a little realistic


sure i don’t mind


@AndreaH @Eva_Diva1 @Rylie

Can you guys help out



Can you do the outline and I will color it


Can you make the characters in a shock pose


Can you help with the placing and stuff


On it!!


Thank youuuu


Yeaap, I’ll start now. By realistic do you mean as in real life people or…


thanks everyone :heart:


Pick any

She said it can look a little bit realistic


Your welcome

That’s what episode harmony is here for :sparkling_heart:


One more question lol. What should that characters be doing? I need a bit of info on that


They should be standing and being suprise cause they haven’t seen each other in a veryyyyy long time


Ok :grin: tell me when everything is done so I can begin positioning it :slight_smile:


they have never met (it’s like love at first sight)


You can start once @AndreaH does the characters then you pit them in their pose and then @Eva_Diva1 trace it and make the outline and I color it and do the shading