I need an art scene


Id really like an art scene for one of my chapters, if anyone would like to help me out please PM me!


I would totally help you out if I knew how to make a story lol, can you help me get my story started cause I have no idea!


Hii!! I could help out, definitely.


I’m confused on how to start my story, do I need a “Badge” or something or am I just doing it wrong!


I don’t know if there is Badges or about them, but I could definitely help you. What do you need?


Where do I have to go, to start my story?
Sorry I’m acting dumb I’m just confused lol


theres two ways you can write a story

  1. on the phone (not as good)
  2. or on the computer (way more options)


Lol, no, its fine. You’re not dumb. :slight_smile: What DO you know about starting stories?


Ok how do I do it on my phone?


You go to your profile and scroll down. It says “Stories I Published” and if you have no stories, it will ask you to create a new one. Tap or click that and it’ll show you the place to make stories. ( Hold on brb I’ll get my phone and look at it. )




I can help you girl… are EpisodeStudio can if I can’t… lol


Hi C. I can try.


See EpisodeStudio would love to help you!!!


Btw do you live your covers??? :grin::grin:


Yes!!! they were amazing!


Awesome… well we would love to do your art scene if you would let us!!


Of course!