I need an art thingy


Hey all,

I kinda need an art thingy that tells you that the story uses sound. I also wanted to use a character for it.
(MALE,INK) body:olive, brow: thick arch, hair: long bangs and fawn, eyes: deepset piercing and brown, face: defined triangle, nose: button, mouth: classic and toffee. He also wears black hipster glasses.

I also need an art thingy that warns you for mature themes and strong language. Please use this
character for it:
(FEMALE, INK) body: light, brow: defined natural, hair: beach wave and auburn, eyes: upturned bold and brown, face: oval, nose:soft natural, lips: blossom lips and blush

It would really mean the world if someone would help me with this!

(Please send it to my gmail, heijmannina867@gmail.com)


I can make you a splash! :slight_smile:


I can do it :wink:


I can help if needed!


Do you want to do one and I do the other?


Oh sorry you can do it lol.


Ooh this looks lovely!


It’s okay lol




I’ll do the sound one.


Sounds good.


Btw I emailed it to you