I need an artiest thingy plz

Hey im writing a story and I need some arts for the characters to make it more fun to read :smiley:

Just DM me on my insta @mahee._x or PM me here

You can read my story its called I Hate Love Stories, so far theres 4 episodes but more are coming soon

I don’t really know how this artiest thing works but you can:

  1. Take your time (always)
    Im not gonna rush you or anything like that

  2. I obviously always will give credits to you either at the end of the stories of that readers message thingy, I believe at the end its best because the you can read it properly and it won’t disturb you

:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: You can ask me any questions

If theres more rules to it plz tell me

And if you know anyone that does this plz PM/DM on insta or just reply to dis xox

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