I need an artist asap

How would you like me to credit you?

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Just by my Insta epy.bby_nae

Ok. I know this really weird, but when I tried to upload the background, it said that it was the wrong dimension

I’ll try ti fix it

I changed the size…

lol it still doesn’t work
maybe it’s because i have a chromebook?

idk why

Maybe you could try making it into an overlay

use this one it works for me (I resized it) @EpisodeLover26

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SO whenever I download it, it does not save to my drive
SO I have to screenshot it but that apparently gives the dimensions
maybe it’s because I have a chromebook??

maybe I don’t know much about crome book but you can resize the image by using this website
Maybe if you do it that way it works also I don’t know if this is possible but what if you download these pictures on you’re pgone and uploud them on the website

how do i change the pixel width and length on there?

Does anyone know how to make text overlays on a chromebook?