I need an ARTIST/EDITOR (free)

Hey Everyone! I need an artist to recreate the following art to a cover, both small and large covers. Im not saying it has to be drawn, it can be edited too but I want the same concept of the picture. I’ll give credit on every episode and on Instagram. If you do art/edit for free please show me some examples in your replies : ‘)


Thank you! </3


Hey I mit be able to help u

You can scroll through my examples in my edit catalogue thread :point_down: then request if you like them.

So i am not on my laptop but if you check out you change my life I made that story cover you don’t have to read the story but you can look at the cover and then in a little bit I can send you some of my other examples

I looked at your profile & the story’s cover, I’m sorry but that isn’t the type of editing nor art that I want.

Hey!! I saw the catalogue, your work is fantastic but I was hoping for something a bit advanced I hope you can understand :’ )

Sure. Good luck with finding the type of artist you are looking for.

But seriously, your work is really good. I wish you well and the best! Thank you again for reaching out to me. Keep up the good work!

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Ok that is fine I completely understand

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Hey! I wanted to have your permission if I can try editing that pose with my characters. I just want to experiment a bit, to see my potential you know. I promise I won’t use the edit as a art scene or cover in my story. It’s just practice and to see if I can do it. It’s okay, if not, I understand.

Of course, I actually got the inspirations off Pinterest

Thanks, dear.

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Hey I am an artist and I really want to help you. Yes I do free art if you want you can check out my Instagram @episodefan78 if you want. Thanks in advance!

Do you still need it or has someone took that requests?

I still need one, can you show me some examples?

Hi I’m sorry but for now i wont be taking requests bc i did recive a lot but if your willing to wait at least a week i can try and get you on the waiting list if that ok?


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If u want my shop does free art
Lovers or art shop (open)

Hi i got one spot here are some examples of what i have done already if your still intrested in me doing your cover!