I need an Artist for drawing a cover for my new story

Hello! I am currently working on an LGBTQ story and need a cover and a splash.Is anyone interested in making those for me? If so contact me at the earliest


Limelight or Ink?

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Try checking out my art shop!
Link: Merr's art shop🦋 [OPEN&FREE]

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Come to my shop and I can get it done for you❤ it’s Splashes, covers and Art scenes request shop!

Limelight. Are you available?

I am! Although, I’ll only be able to start it on Friday, I have to study today and my history exam is tomorrow, along with schoolwork.

ok! no problem! :hugs:

I`ll tell you the details whenever you say

where is your shop?

Ashley’s art shop! :tada::two_hearts:

Aight, I’m ready. You can tell me the details.

Ok the story is in ink

can you do it?

I’m actually better in doing Ink stuff than Limelight, for now anyway, lol.

Ok , so the art style is ink and the story is for the new Squad contest. I need the cover to be drawn. There are 5 main characters of my story .





The image should be like this
Can the guys all wear dresses like this please?
And the name of the story title will be un the middle.
reply me once you get this

Large or small? Because I’m pretty sure that will only fit if it’ll be large.

In addition, do you want them to make those poses?

Small, actually i use the same drawing for both covers.so you use the same drawing to make both.Yes i want to make them those poses of the second last pic

Okay, I will try my best with that, lol.

Do you have an Insta, by the way?