I Need An Artist For Free Art Covers

Hi lovely people :slight_smile: I hope you’re all good. I’m working on my new story, and I’m really excited. (Okayy, I’ll get to the point :blush:) I need a cover for my new story (both large and small).

Long story short, I’m looking for someone to make a free story cover.

I’m not in any rush now. I can wait. But I am searching for a free one. I will credit them both on episode and instagram account. If you or anyone you know is insterested, please contact me!

My instagram: nurella.episode
Thanks for reading. :yellow_heart: :yellow_heart:


Maybe this shop could be of help, they do drawn and edited:

Otherwise, I’d recommend you searching for free & open shops here on the forum!

Hope this helps. Have a good day! :blob_hearts:


I PM’d you!

@nurella i can help you too if you still need