I Need an Artist For My Stories! [CLOSED]


I need a… Well, personal artist.

I write mainly Action, Fantasy and Sci-Fi stories, but I may write a Romance story in the future.

I need you to have Discord because I very rarely go on Twitter or IG.

I’m looking for art scenes, intros and outros and big and small covers.

You need to show examples of work you have done. If you are a new artist, just work on drawing something and post it. It doesn’t have to be a cover or splash or anything, it can just be a random drawing you’ve made.

No busy lives. Please. I need you when I need you.


If you need more info, just tell me :sunny:


I’ll do it


Thanks! Do you have any examples of your work?




They both look great! Um, just wondering, do you have Discord? Twitter, Instagram and the forums work just as well but I’m not as active on them, so I prefer Discord.




Fantastic. My tag is Lissiebeth11#1825, so you can go ahead and friend me if you want.


it’s not working?


What’s it saying when you try?


Ohhh sorry it was Lissiebeth#1825… I forgot that I didn’t have the 11 at the end XD


oh ok


Eeeeh Maia that’s so awesome! I’ll shut up.


Lol thx :crazy_face::rofl:


You’ll do great!


thx lmao


Uhhh so bored!!!
But I will get older.
I will be stronger.
They’ll call me freedom.
Just like a waving flag.


uhh text me ?


Oh so much work!!