I need an artist for my story

hey guys! i need an editor who will stick with me thick and thin throughout writing my story. I’ll give you credit and i’ll probably will make a request for you once a fortnight.

If you can’t continue to make them, just say so!

Right now I need 4 splashes two covers and one art scene! reply to this if you’d be interesting in making one, and if so tell me which one! If you’d also like to be one of the people that’ll always make art scenes for me when i need them, (main editor, loads of credit will be given) just tell me!

Thank you if you volunteer to make a cover/splash/art scene for me, all the help I can get is much appreciated.

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I can! PM me

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Small Covers

Boy_Bots_posterThumb_IT2tdfWD0Q College_Days_Complicated_pl_posterThumb_gccRLovdOv Drunk_Me_posterThumb_otyZ8TPyOI

Large Covers

Boy_Bots_posterImage_ecW92lnTRe College_Days_Complicated_pl_posterImage_FdJ0s2HwLd


pv1_back_INT__END_5643440998055936_5fe573bf9424e8d3a413cdab03307467 pv1_back_INT__SOUNDB_5693417237512192_5fe573bf9424e8d3a413cdab03307467

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I mean I could try to… @crazypopjess


ahhh thats so good

OMG that is talent!! Would you want to help me on the splashes??

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i loooveee that! would you want to help with an art scene?

Is the first one yours?

Ok you might want to take it off :sweat_smile: @bossyroxy411

Thank you! And definitely!

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Please pm me and I’ll give you the details