I need an artist please!

I’m starting up a new story (INK) and I would like to have art scenes in the episodes. I’m looking for someone who would be willing to partner up with me and make art scenes when they are needing throughout my story. (Please remember I’m looking for art, NOT photoshop). If you do lead drawings and not digital art but are interested, I would love to see them because I could use the templates you draw up and turn them digital. I would prefer to have the art more on the realistic side but nevertheless, show me what you got! Please be warned there are some mermaids in this story so you might have to draw mermaid tails. Thank you! (And of course I will give full credit).

Do you have example of what you would like?

I’m looking for a kind of realistic type style but it doesn’t have to be super realistic if you can’t do that.

I am not very good at realistic, most of my work is very cartoony sorry


It looks awesome! I’ll definitely consider it! Thank you so much for responding. I’ll let you know my decision when I have more responses. :smile:

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Ash here @Episode.Starlights they are also good :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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