I need an artist that can DRAW LIMELIGHT art scenes! (Still needed)

So, yeah. The title says it all. So rn I have a personal artist but she can’t do drawn.
So, some of you may know that I also do art, but mine is limited, so I need an artist that can do art scenes(DRAWN)
My story is a Limelight story, and here are the details.
Title: In His Eyes
Description: Just for a second, you switch. But it lasts for only a blink of an eye. Then, it lengthens, and both of you have to find a way to break it before you switch. Forever.

If you’re interested, send some of your examples below!
:pray: :heart: :smile:

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well once I don’t have to draw. Its episode art right?

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But preferably there will be some scenes that I need drawn but those I can ask others so you can do most. Is that ok?


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I’ll pm you as soon as possible since it’s nighttime here now.

Yes thank you but I need a personal artist. Like not from a thread.
Anyway, can I see some examples?