I need an artist to make an art scene for me

Hi everyone! I’m Beppy and I’m currently writing this story called Agent 322 but the thing is there’s an art scene I’ve been wanting to make but I kind of suck at shading and highlighting on my computer program. If you guys know someone who could make an art scene for me for free that would really help because my sibling is too busy making other commissions and dealing with work to help me so I’m in desperate need for an artist right now. :sweat:


I could do it? Need examples?

Thank you so much! And yeah it’d be cool to see a few examples :grin:

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We all have different styles so you can choose which one you like most and request from them.

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It’s amazing! Do you think it would be too complexe to make an art scene with two people?

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Nope, not at all!

Alright then!
So in the art scene there will be two characters, a boy and a girl and I’ll also send a picture of the background. So in the scene the boy will be startled while the girl hugs the boy and cries. The girl faces right and the guy faces left. Also, the girl is much shorter than the guy. She’ll basically seem like she ran to hug him while she’s crying. this is what the boy will be wearing

The girl’s details:
Skin: Tan
Brows: Thin curved
Hair: Beach Wave Hair (Black)
Eyes: Upturned Feline (Brown)
Face: Soft Heart
Nose: Refined
Mouth: Classic (Toffee)

The boy’s details:
Skin: Taupe
Brows: Thick Tapered
Hair: Spiked up hair (Black)
Eyes: Round piercing (Blue)
Face: Defined triangle
Nose: Button
Mouth: Uneven (Taupe)

And this is gonna be the background:

I hope that makes sense :sweat_smile: If it doesn’t I can adjust the scene :grin:

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Awesome, I just have a question, do you want the guy to be facing the camera or the girl facing the camera?

I’d want the girl to be facing the camera. Also thank you so much!! <3

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Np :blush:

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Do you know around when it’ll be ready? I don’t have a specific “deadline” btw

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Just a few days, that’s all.

Hi I just wanted to know if the art is almost done? I’m not trying rushing you or anything it’s just I’m planning on publishing my new chapter soon but with episode taking time to approve backgrounds if I don’t get it anytime soon I’ll end up posting really late… :confused: but again, if you need more time I’ll see if I can try and adjust my schedule

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OMG! I’m so sorry! I think I forgot to add you to the waiting list! It should be done in 2 or 3 hrs, I’m soooo sorry! Anything I can do to make up for it? :confounded:

Do you have IG?

Here you go, again I’m soooooo sorry!

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Oh my goshhhh it’s beautiful!! Thank you so much and it’s okay you don’t have to be sorry. My sister’s an artist and I understand the pressure of taking requests. You are so talented and I want to give credits in the story. Do you want me to put your ig or your forum username?

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Haha, no need and tysm for understanding! Currently watching the live stream :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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