I need an artist/ writer to help meee

Hello! I want to start a new story!
I want to be the one writing the dialougzes and choosing the plot
What I am looking for is a co-worker that can:

  • advise me what the plot should be like
  • draw really nicely done backgrounds
  • be good at directing (overlays, music etc)
  • be a friend
  • not go against my plot ideas, only help with them

If you need help, I’m interested.

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ooh this sound like fun here are my art examples I am pretty good at directing and what not and also starting up ideas.
I can make overlays Backgrounds(ish) covers, art scenes, banners, character edits.
Styles, ink, ll, free draw.


I am not finished with all of these. :sweat_smile:
Please dont steal.


I can draw art too.





I can help with the cover for your story like This Story Includes Sound or This Story Will Be Continued.