I need an artist!

I need an artist to help with my current story, just post an example of your work.

Title: The chosen one
Genre: Fantasy
Description: Lapis has always been a regular girl. But when she suddenly gets kidnapped, her life turns upside down.

You can use my character in the cover if you feel like it. I don’t mind.
I would like it to be the MC just drifting on a surface of w

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An artist for a cover or special art scenes??

i dont know if this is gonna sound weird
(i think its gonna) but i have noticet that we go in to many of
the same forums and have many of the same appinions about episode stories
and i thought about maybe we could be writting partners if you want to i have an idea i just
think its a lot more fun to do it with some buddy
you can contact me on my user profile

For a cover small and big, if you can.

i am avalible if you need me to

this is just a skect but

i have a lot more and there not edit yet

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Wow, your work looks fantastic. Like I said I just wanna see whose covers look the best.

thanks i can send you some difrent ones if you want me to

Sorry for the late reply, but yeah that would be appreciated.

I make covers. My most recent I have made are:

is it to me you’re writting to???

Hey, I heard your in need of an artist! How can I help, I made a cover like this

Except it’s in ink, but I can make it in LL, just PM me for further details!

I can totally help! I have a huge experience in making covers and can totally help!!
My MOST recent cover:

Once again sorry for the late reply but yes

PM me the details.
Thank you xx


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