I need an artist


So hey guys ! I am writing a romance and a fantasy story currently and I need a single artist who can do the following for me :

  1. Realistic art scenes
  2. Covers
  3. Splashes

He or she must be active at least once a day and remain with me throughout the story and lastly be nice.

P. S. I need 2 artists. One for each story.


Episode studio can Help


episode diamonds can


Need any examples



heres one of our recent work


S? @Saasha where did u go?



heres another one


Lol u don’t need our examples. U already know them. :joy:


Oh. There u r S!


I am sorry I think you are mistaking me with @BadassSaasha. She is my friend.


@linalilly10 your art work is amazing and realistic. I love it. But can I wait for a while and decide because this is a question about my whole story so I should think this through.


@AMANI182-EPISODEEEEE can you show me some examples of art scenes your group does and I don’t need a whole group people just your best artists


She is right people. We are two different people lol.


Alrighty! i don’t have examples but THEY do.

@granolias @jassie12dw @secretz_lol @mystery.author @epy.sophie
(I’m missing a lot)




@Linalilly10 I am up for it. But I need one of your best art scene makers who fits all these requirements and won’t mind sticking with me till the end…


yes I have one


Okay can you like add him or her with me to a PM. I myself am an artist but writing takes a lot from me and I am left with no time for art




@linalilly10 you never contacted me again.