I need an background Edit

Hey, so I need a background edit…again. I would like the river out this background to be cut out

And to be put into this background

If anyone can do this, please tell me ASAP :heart:

i can

You want the big river in the other background??

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Lemme try

The only thing you want changed is the river on that pic yh?

I would like the river cut out of the 1st pic & put into the 2nd pic

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Yeah done that, but it looks weird so im trying to replicate the river over it, is that cool? also how stand outy do u want the river to be also the pond part do u want that connected into the river or left alone?

Yes, it is cool. I would like the river to be a little stand out so it looks like a boat can be on it, I would like the pond part to be connected to the river

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Gotcha. Do you want any lights or anything, fireflies? I assume this is a romantic scene :slight_smile:

Yes, lights would be fine, this is for an contest :blush:

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Alrighty, pressure is on :smiley: jk

Hey, sorry for the wait. It’s not the best but In my defense i did use mouse and not my tablet :slight_smile: Hope it’s somewhat good enough and good luck on your story!

Sorry I didnt get a chance to add a lot of lights, i was too focused on that damn light source on the river coming from the shed. :smiley:

It’s ok. At least you tried :hugs:

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