I need an edit <3

I need an edit :stuck_out_tongue: here are the details (it is strange but ask no questions please)

I want this teapot

ok basically replace the head with a cute egg that has a face (smiling or something lol)

and change the blue to black, also remove the flowers.

I know it is overly complicated and REALLY weird, but if someone could do this, I would appreciate it!

(PS: I would prefer if this was like… colored over so it doesn’t look all realistic :slight_smile: )

I tried but it looks really weird tbh
(Just a quick warning)

  • You wanted to change blue to black :+1:
  • You wanted to remove the flowers :+1:
  • You wanted it recolored :+1:
  • You want to have an egg with a face smiling :+1:

If you want a redo ask me!
Also credit @dea._.episode on instagram or @deactivated on the forums if you plan to use it


LOL it is perfect (and meant to look weird)

thank youu!

Im so glad you like it :heart: