I need an edit done, please


I want to animate this football, but I can’t seem to make PhotoGrid save it without putting it in a box. It will look pretty stupid if I put it in a white box in my background. Also, I can only save it as a jpg which won’t allow you to upload as an overlay.


How’s this? :slight_smile:

Let me know if it doesn’t work. :thinking:


It’s still in a box. I need just the red football. And it’s still a jpg file and won’t be allowed to upload as an overlay.
Thanks anyway


Oh, it was an overlay. Forums must have changed it. :woman_facepalming:t3:


Need some help… try clicking on the picture and then saving it… sometimes the fourms act crazy and you have to actually click on the image…


No, it’s still a jpg file and still in a box and the overlay upload still won’t accept it


I will try for you… giveback me a min



By in box and not a jpg


Thanks, I’ll try and get back to you


Success! You are a gem. Thanks for your help, much appreciated.:kissing_heart:


No problem… that’s why I’m here to help the community when I can


Hi, do you think you could do it again with this one? Episode rejected my last one because it had the makers logo on it


Yes I can… give me just a few mins hun


Here ya go


Thanks babe


No problem hun