I Need An Editor!

Heyy! I need someone who can make an edit for a special art scene for my story! I will give credit and you will be playing in my story! I need a man holding a woman on the ground with EXT. JUNGLE PAN - DAY as background. Art scene from the side please :slight_smile:

Woman character details INK:

Face Shape: Oval
Hair: Beach Wave
Hair Colour: Auburn
Skin Colour: Honey
Mouth: Classic
Mouth Colour: Cherry Red
Eye Shape: Upturned Bold
Eye Colour: Black
Eyebrows: Seductive Arch
Nose: Elven


Grunge Chic Checkered Top
Skater Girl Black Sneakers
Author Outfit Slouchy Socks (Black)
Gold Pendant Necklace
Black Leather Leggings
Devil Horns
Black Bat Wings

Man character details INK:

Face Shape: Defined Triangle
Hair: Short Cropped Hair
Hair Colour: Platinum Blond
Skin Colour: Light
Mouth: Uneven
Mouth Colour: Blush
Eye Shape: Athletic Round
Eye Colour: White
Eyebrows: Thin Arch
Nose: Button


Brown Camo Pants
Green Camo Top
Hunter Green Utility Boot

Facial Expression Male (But With The Eyes Open Please!): 18

Facial Expression Female: 41

(I’m sorry, these are a lot of things :frowning:)

If you want to do your Instagram name or name in the edit, that’s no problem!
Byee! :smile:

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Hi! I’ll help!!

Claire :kissing_cat:

Thank you sooo much!

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Could you PM me more details please?

Or here…