I need an episode cover


Good evening! I was wondering if anyone in the community could help me get a good quality cover/art scene?


Sure, I can make it! :wink:


I can


Can you give us some info about it


If your talking about art scenes i can help! @Epi.Pearlastion would love to help!


Oh my! Thank you so much for your offers!
Here are the details for the cover:
The characteristics of the girl character:
Light skin tone , oval face shape , mature round eyebrows , upturned nose , upturned feline brown eyes , straight chestnut hair and full lips. The girl is wearing edgy clothes and she is standing with her arms crossed and her hair is waving in the air. Behind her there is a boy who is hugging her.
Boy characteristics:
Tan skin tone, defined triangle face shape , straight bold eyebrows , round piercing purple eyes , uneven mouth and his hair is the normal black cropped.
Now for the art scene:
The background is the hall of a school , and the girl is fallen to the ground . The boy is sitting in a crouch position and offers help to the girl by giving his hand to help her up.
If anyone can do one of them please write them in the forum over here or dm on Instagram episodexebouska😀