I need an innocent, sweet girl's name for a cute 8 year old


I’m currently brainstorming a new story called “Deep Breaths”. It’s about a 40 year old woman named Magnolia. She’ll go by Maggie, though. Maggie has a very severe panic disorder.

The story will open with Maggie in an airport, reading a piece of paper. She’s looking for her 8 year old niece, who does not yet have a name, who has Cystic Fibrosis and is visiting for a year, to see if the change in weather can be beneficial to her health. The niece is very upbeat and optimistic, and just a generally very happy soul.

I chose to write about Cystic Fibrosis because it makes it difficult for the individual to breathe properly, just like panic disorders can.

I’m still working out the plot, but it revolves mostly around the niece’s CF and the aunt-niece relationship.

What should I name the niece? And could you see yourself reading this?








Olivia, Claire, Penny, Sara, Petra, Clarissa, Audrey, Alice, Sophia, Fiona, Emma, Beatrice, nat, Reece, Astrid, Nora, mia, Myra, maya


I would probably read this, if at the end of each episode it’d leave me wondering about what happens next.

I’d say Cindy, Juliet, Viola, Diana?


I like Katherine a lot. I feel like Katie, or even Kat could be used as cute nicknames.

I also like the name Cecilia, because Cece is too adorable!!




I personally love the name Noel. :blush:


Charlie, short for Charlotte.


Oml, I love this idea! My sister has cystic fibrosis so i rlly love that u incorporated that into your story and are spreading awareness. :purple_heart:


Lila Lila is a common Indian female given name meaning “beauty”. Lilavati is a variant of this name that is also the title of a twelfth-century mathematics treatise. Lila is also a variant of the female given name Leila, derived from the Semitic word for “night”.




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Carly? Shelley? Alex? short for alexis?


Evie/Eva. Both derived from the name Evelyn which means life/living.
Great story idea, by the way!