I Need An Official Outfit Creator (LL) The Secret Heir

i need help creating outfits for the characters


You can request in this shop :smiley:
Or you can ask Me or @Maeverie.Rivera personally


I could create you some outfits! and you can stop by my shop for anything else you may need for your story!

Creating outfits, feel free to use

Heyyy me and @Normal_Is_Boring are creating lots of outfits in this thread (we’ll post outfits almost daily) you’re free to use them and no credit needed :slight_smile:

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are there outfits a royal queen or king would wear when in public (not the royal gown and crown lol)


I’m not sure we’re not specific creating in theme’s we just make outfits and you can use it for more things so I would say, take a look maybe there’s a outfit that suits you description if not maybe it will come later :slight_smile:

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Hey, I’ll give it a wirl if you’re still interested. If you like what I make, you can keep it.
Are they desguising themselves as common folk, or are they still trying to look royal just not official?

Hey love, if you’re still interested you can check out my shop!