I need an opinion on this story idea

I’m really excited to write this story but I’m not sure if it’s worth coding so I need an opinion on it.

Description: You suffer a heavy snowstorm until you find a building for shelter. Turns out, it’s an abandoned insane asylum.

Genres: Horror

I mean, that’s about all the information I can give without spoiling anything :sweat_smile:




Send me the link when done

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ありがとう :heart:

Np! :blush:

Question how many chapters?
And what’s the name?

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I’m not sure how many episodes there will be yet :woozy_face:

And it’s called: 私は非常識です

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Ok thank you!

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thank YOU

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That sounds like a great idea!

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thank you!

That is a cool idea. Abandoned insane asylums are underutilized in the episode horror scene. But what’s important is in the execution with those ideas. There are good stories with bad ideas, and bad stories with good ideas.

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Thanks! :blush:

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