I need an opinion, or a few

Ok, so im pretty sure this is in the right place since its art related? But my family, boyfriend and best friend have all said i should do commissions, and im not sure. Id be keeping my requests for episode authors free since most ive completed art for are under 15 and so dont have the money to pay, and id feel bad asking for money from young people. I am, almost, 17 and so i am in college, i have decided to complete requests saturdays-mondays and do college work the other days. If I were to do commissions it would be during holidays (christmas, summer, easter etc).
Here are some examples of my work:



Please leave your opinion on whether i should do commissions as im having a hard time deciding. Thank you, i hope you have a good night/morning :heart:

Should i start doing commissions? :thinking:

  • Yes
  • No
  • I think you need more practice first

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Hmm…here’s what I think: I think you shouldn’t do commisions. Here’s why: If you are then not in episode style because there’s a thing with it here’s a quote to that topic,

Please read it and if you’re not gonna use episode style then commision

Oh no, i wont be doing them in episode style, cartoon ish maybe though. I guess i didnt make that clear :joy::heart:

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You got talent, if Drawings are costing money or too much time maybe you should consider doing them for commission. I do Drawings for free also but I don’t charge people because it only takes me a day or two to do it
Me last week with my first Drawings

This is what I am doing now

Yeah, my art doesnt cost me money to create but they take between 5 hours and 3 days so theyre rather time consuming :sweat_smile: and i do get a lot of requests i have 8 requests and because i only take on 5 requests usually, ive had the ask the other few if theyre cool with being on a waiting list and for me to let them know when its officially accepted​:sweat_smile: i saw your art earlier hehe, your arts cute :heart:

Thanks yours are cute too

you could always start by making cheap commision. one of my friends who just have started sells a full piece for like a doller


If I’m honest, your Episode-style art was probably the weakest of the ones you’ve posted. I say do commissions, but do them in your own style.

I have a tip for you: don’t forget that elbows exist! At the moment, your characters’ arms are a bit spaghetti-like.

The best thing to do to solve that is to draw from real people and not cartoons or anime. You’ve definitely got budding talent though!

Thank you :heart:

Thanks, I will try harder.
Since I just started a week ago I am still trying to improve the feedback