I need an outfit maker!

(Uhhh… is this in the right category… XD)

I need someone to make outfits for my story “AWOL”. That’s really all… so … yeah…

LOL tysm if you can help meee!

I gotchu mal. I gotchu.

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Yay!! So you’ll help?

(Plus I could use your master story skills)

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lol yes. yes I will help

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lol ok get on discord

@Jeremy close this pleez (lol)

Can I please make your outfits. pretty please

I need an outfit maker can you help me?

Yeah I can.

What do you want the outfit for?

I will pm you


you can also use epy.outfits instagram she makes outfits for all characters

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@MaliyahArtsy still need closed? :grin:

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