I need an outfit template pretty please

So I keep trying to use the one episode provides for you but I keep getting nonstop errors, I just needed an outfit template for 2 outfits pretty please! You’d be a huge help ;-;

Can you tell me the names of your outfit?

And the name of your character as well

YOU - lol cx thank you for this !!!

No problem!
What are the outfit names?

You can fill the (outfit name) with whatever your outfit name is in your script!


label choose_outfit
YOU (think)
(I really need to pick out an outfit…)
“Option 1”{
@YOU is dustoff_loop
@pause for 1
@ YOU changes into YOU_OUTFIT1
@ YOU is shiftweight
“Option 2”{
@YOU is dustoff_loop
@pause for 1
@ YOU changes into YOU_OUTFIT2
@ YOU is shiftweight
YOU (idle_awkward)
(This looks really…)
< PREMIUM > “Beautiful, I love it!”{
@ YOU is blush
“Disgusting, I need another look…”{
goto choose_outfit

The outfit names are




The script is updating ^-^!

i think i can help you :
Emilia’s Limelight AND Ink outfits shop