I need an overlay! Please Help!

Can someone make this bg overlay. Thank you! :two_hearts:

what specifically do you need as an overlay? the house?

No, The whole image

Here, I converted the image into a png and went ahead and compressed it so you can upload it.


I can’t upload it, it’s over 1MB…

i can try and compress it for you?

Give me a minute, I think I uploaded another image, my computer works as it wants :roll_eyes:

Can you do it? I keep uploading a png but it transforms into a jpeg :sob: If I upload the file from my computer to my portal, it works fine, but if I download this picture, it says it’s not a png though it is!


yup i can!


let me know if this works!

It’s still over 1MB…I tried to upload it on computer too and it doesnt work. I don’t get it why tho…

here’s the link i was using! maybe you can try doing it and it will work?

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Maybe you’ll need to do it from your computer… Try this:

Open the image in pixrl e and download it as a png. Then open that png here (it’s a site to compress images), download the compressed png, and upload that new file to the portal.

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It worked! Thank you! :two_hearts:

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