I need an overlay

I would really like it if someone could make me a overlay a bit like the INT. ALIEN HANGER - DAY aeroplane but instead could you make the aeroplane look like a privet jet? Thank you so much!
P.s I do nee dit urgently.

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I could try

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Thank you so much!

No problem!

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This is the best I could do, I can’t really turn it into things- maybe someone else could:

Sorry but I tried! :heart: :heart_eyes:

That’s great but it was probably my fault but I meant that i just wanted a private jet overlay that looked a bit like the aeroplane in the background.
Thanks any way! :heart::heart:


How about this?
Edit: I forgot to make it transparent, sorry!
Edit 2,3,4,5,6, 7: I have no idea what’s wrong with my computer, it keeps making the background white again

(Can you see it transparent? Because I can’t.)


This is great!

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Thank you! :heart:

Hey I need a brown table overlay if anyone has one please. I will give you credit on my story.

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I can

Thank you sooo much your a life saver

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Heres one

ITS AMAZING thank you!!!

Somethings wrong. When i tried to upload it said the file was too big and i don’t know how to crop it.
Can you help?

@Kendall.woods I don’t mean to come across as rude, but it’s not safe to use sites like pngtree and kisspng because their licenses are Personal Use Licenses, meaning you cannot share to others for your own gain. (That includes Episode Stories because it’s overlays are for your story to share to others, and you’ll get views, in some cases, featured story or story that gets reads get paid, plus it is also considered a form of advertising.)

Besides, it’s pretty serious, you need to check the licenses before sending it to people, for all I know, this is using someone else’s images without crediting them. Believe me, I had to delete ALL of the overlay image when I found out that I need to credit the person, but I couldn’t find where the overlay was from. In some cases, like royalty-free images, you’ll have to pay in order to have access to it.

My suggestion is, use sites like Pixabay and Pexels. They provide images that don’t require any credit at all, and allows both commercial and personal use. It might not be as pretty or as nice as the other images, but you know for sure it is safe to use.

If you still don’t trust me on this, I’ll send you some photos of proof:
So I decided to search by your image. (The one circled in red is the site you got the image from)


Beside the image description, note that the license is PERSONAL USE

So, for you to understand, here’s the definition of personal use:


Here are the TERMS OF SERVICE of kisspng website:
(I scrolled down and clicked terms)

Then, here’s what it wrote, the one circled in red is what I’m trying to tell you about.

Thank you for reading.


@Kendall.woods I didn’t use the overlay. but thank you for at least sending me one even if its personal use. @EpisodeForLife93 thanks for the information i had no idea. But do you guys at least have a table overlay that i could use that isn’t personal use


Yes, I have one from Episode that I cropped, so it still matches the episode theme, here it is:

Hope you like it, if you have any inquiries, feel free to ask! :heart:

I need a bruise overlay. if anyone has one. It needs to be small, because i need to make it on my characters neck and the character is female so its needs to be small