I need an SG Partner for Scream Louder!

Okay so my slight dilemma is that I’m working on my SG: Scream Louder, but with school and everything I only get to write 1 character’s POV a day. And there are like 20 characters. So I need some help. I’m looking for 1 or 2 partners to help me who are DEDICATED and ACTIVE !!!

I will do daily check ins with you where we can chat about ideas for the SG, as well as the work we’ve been doing.

THIS IS NOT A WRITING GROUP! I won’t wait for you to start working when I give you a specific task. Your task is to write 1 POV a day! I won’t remind you, I’ll just check and hopefully if you are DEDICATED you will have it done. If you have an excuse it’ll be fine, you just have to tell me.

So if you want to be 1 of my partners and you think you are dedicated and active, just reply on here with the following info:

Discord username WITH HASHTAG!!!:
Something about yourself:

If you become inactive I swear I will hunt you down. Lol jk I have dark humor but just know I will be mad lol.

Waiting in suspense for responses!



Age: 18
Timezone; Pacific Standard
I dont have a discord but i do have a instagram: @scarlett_ice15
To be honest I’m really passionate about writing and I would love to use my ability to help you.

I also have a question: In your story, will I get credit for my contribution?

Hiiii, Instagram can work just fine thanks, Discord is just a bit easier since I am mostly on that app but if you don’t want to download the app and make an account I’m fine with that. And yes, you will get credit (we’ll be partners so we’ll announce the updates and stuff together and write the story as we go along) Are you still interested?

Yes, I am interested, but I rather just use Instagram if that’s fine with you.:blush:

Great! I will message you tomorrow because I am a little busy today, I’m gonna go look at colleges, so talk to you soon!