I need art pages (Closed)

Hi everyone! Could somebody please make me a cover page and an art page for the start of my story? It’s about a girl who gets creepy messages from a blocked number so could you please make one of a blocked number calling a phone and a girl (tan skin, long black hair, dark blue eyes, and red lips) looking (scared/sadly) looking at her phone? Thanks!

Love from Australia :heart:

I can help! But I would need the details :slight_smile:

I would love to help but you’d have to send me the details.

Here are some examples of my work:

Hope I can help!


Thank you sm! What other details would you need?

The character details , story title and the outfit

Wow these are amazing!! Maybe you could design me a random one and I could write a story from it!? :heart:

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Okay, but you’d have to tell tell me a genre your interested in so I know what it should be like.

Fantasy? Or Horror?

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Do you still need an art page?

Uploading… Thats the character (sorry it’s literally a picture of my laptop lol) The story is called Blocked

Thank youuu!

Yes pleeaase sorry my gmail is sooo glitchy

I cant actually see the character :blush:
And I totally feel your lag :sweat_smile:

Sorryyy I’ll write you a description in the morning bc its 11 pm where I live and I have school in the morning so ya :grimacing:


Oh I thought school was done ;o

I’m live in Australia :grimacing:

Long loose solid black hair, I can’t remember the exact colour of skin but it is a light tan colour, Deep blue female generic eyes, defined natural nose I believe, medium natural deep red gloss lips (I think thats the lip shape), Soft heart face and I can’t remember the eyebrow shape but they have the word natural in them I think?

Sorry I am on my way to school and don’t have my laptop with me

Thank you for helping me out! :heart::heart:

Here is a picture! :joy:

Sorry for late reply but do you want an intro cover or an actual cover?
Also, can I ask for the characters outfit?

Could I please have an intro cover, the outfit in the picture, and can she please be looking scaredly at her phone?