I Need Art Scenes #2

(Ps. I made 2 posts of this for no particular reason, I will be looking for an artist on both post. So, If you notice another post that I made that looks exactly like this, don’t be alarmed.)

Hello Everyone!

I am in the progress of making a story and in the looking for special art scenes to play in certain chapters for this upcoming story.

Some Art styles and Amount of experience I am looking for can be found in a popular episode writer’s stories,
[ @ Mette M. Peleikis ].

She provides many art scenes in her stories and I would love to have some just like hers.

Some stories she has made are:

  1. The Enchantress
  2. The Teacher
  3. BroZoned
    and many more…

If you read any of the ones I listed, you will see the art scenes I am talking about.
So, If you have seen them, And feel that you can make them just as good or better, please let me know.

I will feature them in my upcoming story. And I will also credit you, any way you like.
If you are interested in helping me, Please leave an example of your art skills. (show an image of an episode inspired art scene that you created)

Thank you and have a great day!


Closed as this is a duplicate of your other post here. :v:t2: