I need art scenes! Art Contest (Must Be able to draw in Limelight!)



I need two art scenes!

You have until friday!

I need one of this character

to hold be mid way to hitting this character with the bat!

On the background INT. TAVERN - NIGHT and I want The male to be standing screen right and the female stands up screen left! I do not have to use your art! so please do get mad if I don’t! Whoever I pick as the winner will be doing my other more complex art scene!


Episode harmony can


I thought you stoped using the forums?


nope, she’s alive lol :blush::cherry_blossom:


Do you mean a drawn art scene or one where the actual characters are manipulated to look how you described?


Just do what you want!:grinning:


If you look back i didnt cause people kept spaming me


@bbygirlbrooks wanna help out for the dream team?


sure! if love to help ! :heart:


what are we making ?


The art scene. I’m gonna make it too. I was just wondering if you wanted to enter for episode dreams.


Of course! i’d love to enter! i’ll get on it ASAP💞


Awesome!! :heart:


May I perhaps have the full body screenshots of the characters?


They are just click on them!:grin:


Ohh, I didn’t know that. Oops, sorry. ^^;


no prob!



@TriggerWarning @bbygirlbrooks @ari.cris.smith @Rac5hel


It’s an art contest as in… Anyone can try?