I need art scenes (The Genie)


Hi! I still feel pretty horrible about asking others for help but does someone want to help me with a few art scenes I need?

The scenes I need are with this background:

I need a scene where Farid threatens Samuel with a knife.

I need a scene where Azlyn finds Samuel on the ground with a bleeding wound.

I need a scene where Azlyn is crying beside Samuel.

And last one, where Azlyn is saving Samuel with her magic. (The ‘‘theme’’ of her magic is smoke/purple/pink kinda)

To understand what I mean with that:

Here’s the characters:


Skin: Tan Rose
Eyebrows: Black Dark, Arch Neutral
Hair: Black Dark, Long Straight Loose Solid
Eyes: Violet, Female Generic
Face: Heart Soft
Nose: Round Button Upturned
Lips: Beige Rose, Full Heart Pouty


Skin: Tan Deep Neutral
Eyebrows: Black Dark, Male Generic
Hair: Black Dark, Manbun
Eyes: Green Emerald, Deepset Downturned
Face: Square Jaw
Nose: Straight Narrow
Lips: Tan Deep Neutral, Full Heart Natural


Skin: Beige DeepNeutral
Eyebrows: Black Dark, Male Generic
Hair: Black Dark, Generic Short
Eyes: Brown Black, Deepset Downturned
Face: Diamond Soft
Nose: Hooked Grecian
Lips: Beige Deep Neutral, Medium Straight Natural

I really hope I’m not asking too much! I will credit at the end of the episode.


I am a president In Episode Gold we have a thread and some examples in the thread if you’d like us to help :slightly_smiling_face:


@BlueMoonWolf is great at this you can go here

Lapiz's Art Requests *OPEN*


Aww thank you!