I need art work <3

Im making a new story and i need some art work i cant remember what its called but basically art for the intro of my story, if your interested please tell me :dizzy: :heartpulse:


Small cover :heartpulse:

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Yes it is ink💗

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One minute before we get into all the details do you have Instagram?

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Alright well there’s only two characters on the small cover :heartpulse:

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Female and male but Ill send you pictures of what they look like when when you have decided :heartpulse:

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Okay thank you though :heartpulse:

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I could give it a try, but I don’t have instagram. I can send you examples of my work if you’re interested. Let me know <3

Damn, I can only draw females, the males Tak to long. Sorry sis :frowning:

I can do it! Just click on my username and then click on the website in my bio to see my art shop!

If you haven’t chosen already I can try. I need a little practice with males, but have experience drawing them.