I need background characters for my story (INK)

I already have published my story, but I need more characters. The story is a fantasy so these are the things you have list.

Character details
Back story
Please and thank you!

I would like to !

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Okay thanks!

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Character details
Back story

Wht do you mean power and backstory?

SKin: Olive
Eyebrow:Defined Natural
Hair:Beach Wave Black
Eyes:Upturned Feline brown
Face:Soft heart
Nose:Soft Natural
Lips:Classic Sable

Like what’s your super power. And backstory is like ur life story.

Personality: Love food! Very loud, sarcastic, and Im nice but mean when you piss me off

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Skin: Dark
Face: Oval
Eyes: Upturned Bold in Green or Brown
Mouth: Classic in Dark
Nose: Hooked
Hair: Ponytail Locks in Black
Brows: Defined Natural

From Africa, moved to wherever your story is when she was seven. She has a twin brother, Cade. She loves reading and playing outside.

Friendly, Funny, Shy.


Extra Information
Her name is Caoimhe, pronouced as Keeva (It’s Irish, don’t blame me).

I can send a picture, if you wanted.

Okay sure and thanks!

You can change her outfit, if you wanted.

POWER:Can transport from place to place
Backstory: Im also half African and I was born in New Jersey then moved to wherever your story takes place

K thx everbody!

skintone - rosewood
brows - medium sharp
hair - buzzed (passionfruit pink)
eyes - deepest piercing (brown)
head - diamond
nose - round
mouth - pouting oval (rosewood)

this is Dimitri. he has autism, and his personality is about as bland as water. he enjoys drama but hates being involved and writing stories. his power would probably be precognition, so he could the hell out of bad situations before they happen. he’s quite the coward.

he totally isn’t me. :wink:

kay thx!

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Two things: One-Are you kidding about it being you? Two-If you’re not, do you have Autisum too?

yep, that’s me, and yep, im autistic.

I’m Autistic too. I don’t know anyone else with it.

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