I need background characters (GIRLS AND BOYS) please send me a screenshot of what you want your character to look like


I need limelight characters, please include a screenshot of the character you want me to create as well as the name of the character. Boys and girls are welcome! Thanks.


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Credit pls? It’s the MC in my story…


Brooklyn is her name


sure , what should I include in the credit ? And thanks for replying


I’m not sure. Sorry. I was afk


Just say like… credit to Ivy Hall for the character Brooklyn


I hope more people reply! If not, I can give more characters


give me as many characters as you please! :slight_smile:


Alright, here they come. Credit please though


I will once my story is published. Currently finishing episode 3



Excited to read! what is your name on episode so that I can read it?


And do you want the names of the things like the eyes and stuff?

Boy with purple hair: Tyler
Girl with black hair: Santana
Girl with red hair: Jasmine
Girl with pink hair: Chloe
Boy with black hair: Adam


Limelight Stories (8.1k) and thanks ill use their name


You don’t have to but you can if you want.


Name - Hannah
Do give credits :grin:


thanks for your reply! I definitely will give you cred <3


This is me!!
Name: Vivainah
I hope I’ll be in your story, please do give credits!!


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