I need backgrounds as soon as possible

i need help

I can try to help!

thanks i’ll need an abondened warehouse and a mansion exterior and interior

This is a background made by ThorneArtStudio so make sure to give credit, I’ve used this for an abandoned warehouse like building so hope this helps

Here. If you wan’t anything changed, feel free to tell me!:

what’s your name? I wanna give you crdit since i wanna use this one

i love these. what’s your name? I wanna use them and give you crdit



but hey it’s not the right size. I can’t use it if it’s not the right size. Can you please fix it?

What size do you want? When it’s saved it can fit into the three panels section which is 1920 x 1136. If you want it to fit into one zone then the image will be distorted.

okay thanks

@Shoosha138 we would LOVE for you to be able to find help with the artwork you need and are always here to help with any forum related issues you might have. That being said, I have gone ahead and closed all the other topics you created with the same request. This is considered spam and violates the forum rules/guidelines. Please take some time to review them and pm me with any questions you might have :slight_smile:

um…okay i guess? Not there’s much to say