I need backgrounds... Credit will be given

So I need some backgrounds for me sci-fi story… I need two room with like seven beds (preferably in the walls if that makes sense) bunk beds or beds on the ground are fine to tho. A large room where they can chill that has a sci-fi vibe or something… And that’s about it thanks :slight_smile::sweat_smile:

also tell how to credit you

@amepisode has a whole folder devoted to Sci-Fi themed backgrounds. I didn’t see a Sci-Fi themed room with seven beds, though I’m pretty sure if you look around in her drive, you’ll find one! :smile:


Thank you so much

I do have sci-fi sleeping quarters, with bunk beds in the walls, but it’s two beds :rofl: but I guess you could just create the illusion there’s more by changing the character’s sleeping in them and clever and close zooms :grin:
But yes, lots of sci-fi ones on my drive :kissing_heart:

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