I need backgrounds please!

Hi! Please I need your help, it would mean a lot.
I’m writing a story that it’s inspired in this place:

And I was hoping if you had some backgrounds that fit this kinda village…
Also, I would love to have an overlay looping for a park. I mean kinda like this:
But looping.
And also, I need exterior and interiors backgrounds. Thanks a lot!
I will leave some backgrounds I’ve already used so you can see the thematic I’m going for!
Thanks a lot!!!
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You can check @amepisode drive she has some fantasy/fairytale/woodland type stuff that resemble the first image.

You may want to recheck usage rights of the non-Episode ones you have posted here they look like copyright works

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Thanks! I found some backgrounds!

Stupid question: I have the @ of the people who posted this, is it enough if I give them credit in a readerMessage or something? I don’t really know how copyright works…

Copyright won’t go away by just crediting. I believe you have to pay to get permission to use a copyrighted image and if you don’t, the owners of the image may take legal action.

This image that you’re using is copyrighted because I can see the watermark has a C in a circle, which is the symbol for copyright.

However, if it was posted by another Episode user, they probably didn’t pay the copyright either. If they did, it’s still pretty risky so you shouldn’t use it either way.

You should check if the other images are copyrighted by doing an image search.

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Just because they have posted it does not mean they are copyright free. The people who posted it don’t necessarily own the usage rights, so they may not have made them.

I recommed reverse searching these on google and see where the orginal image is from. If it doesn’t say “free for commercial use” you cannot use it in your story.

You can search copyright-free images for backgrounds and overlays on pexels, pixabay and unsplash. There are high resolution images there. Be careful about what you use in your stories.

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Thanks a lot!

Thank you a lot!