I need backgrounds!


Hello :smile:
My name is Abygail.

So I am in need of backgrounds- and if you could help that would be amazing.

Do you have any artists- who are open to letting others use their backgrounds- who also have a Google drive or thread of their backgrounds? Any and all backgrounds would help!

Please send them! I appreciate it :heart:



Thank you :heart:




Can check out this thread where I provide a list of backgrounds that you can use, provided you give them credit, of course:

Good luck with everything!


I appreciate it!


What kind of backgrounds are you looking for? Any kind?


Im just tagging the background artists. I only know 2 so they can tag the rest later on.


Any kind really- if I like them (obviously I’ll give credit) but I’ll use them :smile:




Thank you!


It’s here!


Thank you dear!


I love you so much @lanafrazer_episode! :heart: However, I’m an idiot and I don’t have a background drive. @ThorneArtStudio I recommend as well, and @QueenMilii is great too!


Hiya, I could do one for u if you still need them.


Luv ya to hun!:wink::hugs::heart_eyes:


I just need a group of backgrounds :smile:


I need a cover so someone help me please


Check out my thread and I’ll help :smile:

Here are some of my examples:


These are some on mine but their not very good:


Thank you love :heart: