I need bed overlay! :(


Hello guys! :slight_smile:
Can somebody make me a bed overlay from these pictures?
I need it to my character can look out the window.

I’ll be glad if someone help me with this! :slight_smile:
Thank you!!!



So you just want those beds to be Overlays? If so I can do it!


Yes exactly! :slight_smile:


Ok I will get started! Will be done in around 20 minutes :slight_smile:


Thank you so much, you are the best!!! :slight_smile:


Do I had a hard time becuase of the nightstand being in the way! So I kinda had to cut the bed off! Tell me if you would still like me to do the other one


If you can do just the half bed it’s okay for me, but if it’s to difficult, i’ll understand it! :slight_smile:


Oh ok that makes it so much easier! Could you send a half bed in the other background please?


Here you are! :slight_smile:


Ok I finished this one


And here is the other one! Feel free not to use them if they don’t fit your needs


The night bed isn’t png file, but the day bed is png, can you put the other one png?

And thank you so much your time, I am really glad Kaycee :slight_smile:


Hey, just rememver to credit @shellyg in your story for these backgrounds! :blush:


Of course, thank you! :slight_smile:


hello guys i need help, so i uploaded some bed overlays from google but when i try to add them to my overlays i can’t find them , i don’t know why ?
if someone can help me please or send me some bed overlays i can use.