I nEed bEta rEadeRs aGain

yoyoyoyoooo wassssup? :laughing: mk so! I had some peeps in the past read my story as beta readers! And… well I need some help with beta reading again lol. I’ve spent a while just taking my time and planning out my story. I’ve made changes til I was happy with it and I am! But like the title says… I need some beta readers. Whether you’re interested in checking the directing or grammar!

so… yeah … if you’re interested… lmk!

Past beta readers (may be interested, may not)
@Cheris @TamiRose @Nat99y @Nessya

so… yeah! Sorry if u didnt wanna be tagged,



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really? that would be snazzy! I’d pm u but your profile is hiddwn :grimacing:

Ooo sounds awesome! May I be one please? :pleading_face:

PM me, I gotchu.

Of course

Hi :smile:

Count me in

I can help if you still need it



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