I need beta readers for my first episode <3

So I’m looking for a beta reader or two for my first episode, just the first one. The story is in INK also, not limelight. You can read to correct the directing or grammar or both! its up to you. If you can help, I will credit you at the end of each episode you beta read <333

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I will

I would love top :two_hearts:

@Sofiaxrosay @norfolkowl thanks so much! Did yous want me to pm you the link?

Sure thang

May I be one too please? :pleading_face:

sure! id be happy to have you as one <3

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pm me and ill send you the link :relieved:

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@Jenaco @norfolkowl @Sofiaxrosay hey again! Are yous up to beta reading again?



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