I need bg char again (INK) (Now open)

So I still need more bg characters again for my story Typical Days

A scene about an event party it’s clothes requirements are casual though it can be anything except for gowns and dresses.

Tell me what you want to do in your role, example: dancing, drinking etc.
And your personality as well if ever I needed you to have some lines here and there

So drop you character details
If you would like to be credited, please add in your insta or username :slightly_smiling_face:

P.S If you enter your char dets already in my other thread you don’t have to add your OC, though you can add another type of character that you haven’t entered!

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Personality: She is shy, but stubborn, outgoing when she around her friends, protective of her love ones, determine to success and hardworking, loyal and honest.

Role: Dancing


Personality: She is a backstabbing, selfish, dishonest, unloyal, cheater, abusive.

Role: Drinking


Personality: He is hardingworking, stubborn, selfless, loyal, honest, trustworthy, protective of his love ones, and possessive.

Role: Dancing


Personality: He is a backstabbing, selfish, dishonest, unloyal, cheater, abusive.

Role: drinking

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Alessandra party outfit
Top: Green Lace Peek Blouse
Bottom: Denim Shorts
Shoes: Jade Party Shoes
Accessories: Blue Rebel Chain Bracelet, Moon Necklace

Justin Party Outfit
Shirt: Muscle Tank White
Jacket: Blue Moon Jacket
Pant: Black Tigh Pants
Shoes: Dress Socks and Shoes Black
Accessories: Lady Rose Tatto (Cade), Thick Black Cat Eye Sunglass, Gold Lion Necklace, Black Leather Buckle Bracelet

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Thank you :slight_smile:

no problem

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