I need big sister or mother help 😂

Ok so technically I’m a little sister to 2 older brothers. But I have 3 younger cousins
Ryan who is 20 and then Hannah and Libby who are 13 and 15. Who I’m like a big sister too

I’m at the stage now where I feel them slowly slipping away. Ryan has got a fiancé and is moving into his own home soon. I can’t believe how quick he’s grown up. I’m only 5 years older but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t miss our Friday nights together, claiming the downstairs tv, eating junk and watching family guy until early hours, now he’s got his own life and doesn’t need me anymore.

The two girls are at the age now where they want to be out with there friends and who can blame them, I do sometimes feel that little sting when I hear they aren’t visiting on a particular week. But I can’t blame them wanting to be with their own age.
Then I hear Hannah has got a boyfriend (she hasn’t told me directly yet.) which kind of hurts as we share everything and now I realise she’s in year 10 and is into boys now, she’s gotten so big and yet it feels like yesterday I was cuddling up with her to read her a bedtime story. Libby is now in year 9 and I can just see her like Hannah getting bigger by the day and not needing me anymore.

To all you mothers and big sisters how do you do it, how do you let go as you feel them slipping away I want to keep them close so badly but I know that there will be a day when they just won’t need me anymore or won’t want to see me as often and it’s killing me


Awe, sweetheart :pleading_face: it’s hard for sure. I personally can’t relate but I can say friends who I considered family moved away. It broke my heart but we still keep in touch.

One day everyone has to decide what they want to do with their lives. People will move on with other things and marriage is a whole other life with a person they love.

Keep your head HIGH :point_up:t4::crown: and know that you will still have communication with them.

I send love and hugs towards your way :sparkles::nerd_face:


Also don’t say that they won’t need you, everyone needs their little sis :pleading_face: I need my younger siblings. They won’t forget you :sparkles::wink:. Don’t you ever say that they will forget you :crossed_fingers:t4:.


Thank you :heart::heart:
Honestly I’ve just sat here blubbering like a baby :joy::joy: I just hate the fact they are growing up so fast I’m only 25 if I can’t let my baby cousins grow up what will I be like when and if I have children ha ha ha.

Your right tho no matter how old they get they’ll always need their big sister (cousin)
I just hate watching them grow god I even miss then watching pepper pig :joy::joy: even though it drove me nuts watching it over and over again ha ha ha.

It’s just hard to see them growing all the time
I’m still very lucky that I still get a hug when they see me and I still occasionally squeeze the death out of them :joy::joy:


I relate my lil brother is growing fast and :sneezing_face: he - he isn’t a baby anymore. I’m not ready to leave him :pleading_face:. But I’ll always visit him :sparkles::crown::point_up:t4:


They grow up so fast!


They really do :sob::point_up:t4:



God help me if I have children :joy::joy:
Honestly I’m a mess as it is with them ha ha ha.



Girl this is why I ain’t having no kids :sob:.


:joy: honestly I’d love to have a child. Unfortunately I live at home and I’m single ha ha ha


I’m sure the right one will come along and sweep you by your feet :point_up:t4::crown:.

I sense you have such immense love for children. On some queen LEVEL :sparkles::pleading_face:.


Hun lemme tell I’m a older sister even tho I still have little siblings I can tell I’ve had this experience from other family members and I’ll tell you now they will always need you but just maybe not as often just try to let them do their own thing while still checking up on them and maybe scheduling things you’re both interested in so you stay close and continue to have the good times


Yas :point_up:t4::crown:


A girl can dream :heart::wink::heart_eyes:

And aww thank you I’ve always add a strong bond with them and I work with children ha ha ha. They are really special to me so god help the first guy to brake their hearts :joy::joy: it’s probably why Hannah hasn’t told me about her boyfriend yet :wink: but big sisters know these things.

Your totally right they will still need me just in smaller doses

I’ll be honest it’s took me back to high school. I was going through a bad time being bullied and then Hannah who was 5 at the time came to me one day and asked for a cuddle. So she sat on my knee and squeezed me and I mean squeezed me. I wasn’t sure what was up so I asked her what was wrong, she wouldn’t let go then said “Emma will I see you when I’m bigger?” I told her she would she asked me to promise and I did. She then said “What about when I’m 90?”
Again I told her she could see me whenever she wanted. She said “good because I love you and I’m miss you if I didn’t see you.”

Honestly I believe she may have stopped me doing something silly as it was getting worse until I finally spoke out.


You can confront them all together or seperately, and share the memories. This way you can Help them realize what they Might miss and eventually stay in touch.

Or you can be lost in your thoughts, but eventually move on and live ur own life and figure out how you wanna have fun

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I’m also afraid, I might be stuck at a certain age, like I am now

Not knowing what to do, bc their is no excitement :roll_eyes:



I couldn’t do that to them it wouldn’t be fair, I would love to freeze time and keep them close but unfortunately time has to move on and I just have to realise that like many of those who have commented said (thanks guys) that they will always need me, just in smaller amounts and I have to realise just like them I’m getting older to and one day I will find a family just like they will. But I will ensure they always know that I will always be there for them day or night no matter what. I don’t care the reason, the time or day if they need me I will be there.


I totally get that feeling, I’m the same I’m 25 and I look at my friends who are getting married and having children and here wam still at home and single with nothing exciting.
Unfortunately I don’t have much advice about that :confused:


As long as they know, you care about them by all means I totally agree with u !

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Your just like my cousins one of them is 32 I think and the other is 26 or 27

They are still waiting for marriage but in our culture, at that age it’s very hard and very rare to find someone but 25 is the perfect age to start looking

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